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Our software is available through our forum. Only registered users are allowed access to the installation programs. You will need to justify that you have a valid reason to use FMD software to be granted access.

Short videos showing our software in action:

We are licensed for 2 programs that work with the NMVS to verify, dispense and undispense FMD data. Both follow the same model for connecting and handling data from the NMVS.

To interact with the NMVS the user credentials must be entered into the Serialogical software. These are the:

  • 2-part user name XXX/12345678 (Client name/User name)
  • The file location of the certificate
  • The key code used to activate the certificate (the passphrase not the TAN)

Having connected you will want to test that the connections are active. Wholesalers will be able to use bulk uploads but not mixed bulk connections. Hospitals and pharmacists use mixed bulk but not bulk.

Basic Software

This software is free to use and fully functional. It is designed to be simple to use and only requires a Windows PC and suitable scanner. Records of scans are displayed on-screen. A log file of scan details is saved as a simple text file.

Scanning packs 1 at a time with a scanner attached to the PC. As a pack is scanned the code is automatically sent to the NMVS and the reply displayed. The operations ‘Verify’, ‘Dispense’, ‘Undo Dispense’, ‘Export’, ‘Undo Export’, ‘Sample’, ‘Undo Sample’, ‘Free Sample’, ‘Undo Free Sample’, ‘Lock’ and ‘Unlock’ are shown. The operations ‘Destroy’ and ‘Stolen’ are also availble but these are not reversible and are not demonstrated in the video.

Serialogical software will work in off-line mode. Packs are scanned with the FMD code, operation and time written to a local CSV file. When the system is back on-line the CSV file can be uploaded to the NMVS for processing. A pharmacist or hospital can upload a file of mixed codes and operations. A wholesaler is limited to a single operation on a file containing codes from the same batch.

As an alternative to scanning in packs 1 at a time a CSV format bulk file can be uploaded and verified, dispensed or undispensed. The pack details are each held in a separate line on the file. The order of ‘product code’, ‘serial number’ , ‘batch’ and ‘date’ must be the same within a single file. The order in which these are read back by the Serialogical software can be set by the user.

Serialogical PR Software

All the set up and scanning procedures are the same as for our basic software. The Serialogical PR version includes the use of a local database to store data of scans and file uploads. Results are displayed as packs are scanned or files uploaded but details of previous scans can be displayed and filtered.

The database engine is created when the Serialogical PR software is installed. It is the well established and stable SQLite engine. Our software writes and reads from a database file named ‘fmdSerialogical.sqlite’. This file can be copied and renamed as a backup of the scan history. If the file ‘fmdSerialogical.sqlite’ is missing a new file of that name will be created. The file can be accessed through SQLite front ends other than Serialogical PR although a knowledge of SQL commands is recommended.

For bulk uploads the transaction id of the initial bulk request is stored. This can be uploaded immediately or stored then recalled with the current status of the packs within that bulk request seen. This means that if the status of the packs change (perhaps from ‘ACTIVE’ to ‘WITHDRAWN’) between scanning and verification it is the most recent legal status that is shown not a historical status that may have been superceded.