Compliance with the EU Falsified Medicines Directive is a legal obligation

SERIALOGICAL offers solutions and services to the small to medium size manufacturers, packaging organisations, wholesalers and pharmacists to get up to speed quickly and effectively with FMD. 

  • SERIALOGICAL: Software approved by SecurMed to access the UK NMVO for prescription drug verification and decommissioning. 
  •  Well-versed in European legislation, regulatory requirements, contractual obligations and data standards supporting the EU FMD.  
  • Expert in the processes, services and organisations across Europe which form the basis of product pack registration and verification to ensure manufacturers, parallel distributors, CMOs, CPOs, Wholesalers and Pharmacists maintain the authenticity of medicines across supply chains.  
  • Developed their own software solutions to enable organisations to generate serial numbers which meet the randomisation and uniqueness criteria set by the EU and adhere to NIST standards.  
  • Looking ahead with its Track and Trace solution and collaborating closely with Academia and Commercial organisations to take their solutions from concept to full implementation.