Serialogical has evolved from a joint venture spanning the private sector and academia. Having established its core services and solutions, Serialogical intends to build on its successful collaborations with academic institutions to identify the latest research into technologies which can enhance its portfolio and make a significant difference to the pharmaceutical industry and its patients. Our pipeline includes research into RFID, IoT and Blockchain to deliver Track and Trace solutions, AI to deliver data analytics and encryption to provide point-to-point or full supply chain security.


Serialisation of prescription drugs for the Falsified Medecines Directive was compulsory in the UK and EU from February 2019 until December 2020. It is no longer compulsory in mainland UK but still applies within Northern Ireland and the EU. Serialogical have been working as an approved developer of serialisation solutions since the launch of the development portal. We have built up a comprehensive knowledge of the software and hardware issues involved in implementing serialisation.

Serialisation relies on assigning a distinct code to a product and tracking the state of that code throughout the supply chain. In pharmaceuticals it is used to view if a product is valid, available for prescription or already prescribed. The underlying principles can be ported to other markets and purposes.

Serialogical offer consultancy services to enable an organisation to get up to speed quickly on the concepts and implementation of serialisation worldwide within the pharmaceutical and other industries.


Serialogical will perform an initial consultation free of charge to understand the business needs, document its findings and provide a recommendation on how to proceed. 


Following the initial consultation and recommendation, Serialogical can perform a deeper analysis of the business processes impacted by Serialisation and propose an action plan.


Serialogical are experts in data storage and reporting. We will create bespoke storage solutions that are local to the system, web based or a combination of several approaches. We will create custom reports either from new data stores or from existing stores and reporting engines.


Serialogical can offer an arm’s length service to advise organisations on tracking technologies including:

  • Serialisation
  • DataMatrix and barcodes
  • RFID
  • IoT and remote monitoring
  • Data storage and analysis

Serialogical are able to assist customers from planning of to implementation of their solutions.