The implementation of Serialisation in an organisation can seem overwhelming. Understanding the legislation, regulatory requirements, contractual obligations as well as the various organisations, systems and processes which enable product pack serialisation, registration and verification to operate seamlessly can be daunting.   Serialogical offer consultancy services to enable an organisation to get up to speed quickly and imbue confidence it will meet its Serialisation obligations by February 2019. 


Serialogical will perform an initial consultation free of charge to understand the business needs, document its findings and provide a recommendation on how to proceed. 


Following the initial consultation and recommendation, Serialogical can perform a deeper analysis of the business processes impacted by Serialisation and propose an action plan.


Detailed reports of our analysis, findings and recommendations are provided throughout the process.


Serialogical can offer an arm’s length service to advise organisations on EU FMD legislation, compliance, processes and services supporting Serialisation to assist customers in their planning of their implementation program.