EU FMD and Serialisation requirements 

From 9th February 2019 all prescription drug packets originating from the UK, EU and the EFTA needed to be marked with a unique identification code. This consists of a product code, batch number, expiry date and serial number.


Serial number generation  Serialogical is able to generate codes that meet these specifications either at the point of packing or as a batch file for use as required. Our randomisation algorithm meets the criteria set by EMVS and NIST. 


Integrating with your packaging and labelling systems  Serialogical is able to integrate its code generation software with 2D matrix labelling technologies. Our software can be configured to provide additional packing details beyond the unique identifier which can then be uploaded into the 2D matrix. This will enable the packing company and those further along the supply chain to access information over and above Unique Identifier details (see Reporting and production line monitoring). 


Making serial numbers work for you  A record will be kept of the numbers that have been generated allowing a wide range of management reports. These reports will facilitate monitoring of production line efficiency and possible recall investigations into the supply chain including MHRA or other regulatory requests. 


Help and guidance  Seriological is fully aware of the importance of production line reliability and endeavours to provide full support of its software to minimise risks to its customers’ business continuity.