R&D to Deployment 

Serialogical maintains a consistent business model to optimise the process from collaborative research and development to deployment.

Step 1 Assessing industry challenges and opportunities  

We assess the latest challenges to the SME Pharmaceutical market and the supply chain. These may vary from track and trace to data security to data analysis.

Step 2 Technology Research  

Our academic counterparts perform an assessment of leading-edge research or latest technologies to help us identify prospective technology candidates for further evaluation. 

Step 3 Prototyping and evaluation  

Serialogical and its academic partners prototype potential solutions to fulfill identified market needs and invite its customers to perform an evaluation of business benefits 

Step 4 Design and Development  

Successful prototyping and evaluation progresses to full design and development always ensuring continuous collaboration with our academic and commercial partners to get the optimum solution. 

Step 5 Implementation  

All solutions brought to market follow rigorous functional, non-functional and regulatory and compliance testing in line with Pharmaceutical industry best practices, standards and regulations. 

About Us 

We have evolved from a joint venture spanning the private sector and academia.  

Having established its core services and solutions, Serialogical intends to build on its successful collaborations with academic institutions to identify the latest research into technologies which can enhance its portfolio and make a significant difference to the pharmaceutical industry and its patients. 

Our pipeline includes research into RFID, IoT and Blockchain to deliver Track and Trace solutions, AI to deliver data analytics and encryption to provide point-to-point or full supply chain security.