Serialogical was created as a joint enterprise initiative between the public and private sectors. Its aim is to bring leading edge academic research to the commercial business which will then design and develop Serialisation software solutions.   Once established in the Serialisation market, our objectives are to extend our customer base beyond the European market – Japan and the Middle East for example – as well as extend our portfolio into Track and Trace using some or all of the technologies in our research pipeline. 


We have a breadth of Commercial and Academic knowledge spanning the Pharmaceutical industry, Software engineering, Systems architecture, Integration and Information, Cyber and Network Security. We have a number of sources and highly-skilled resources to draw upon to take concepts to full implementation.


Our collaborative innovation and research team made up of representatives from Academia, Serialogical and other commercial companies is currently investigating and developing a wide range of exciting opportunities including Blockchain, AI, RFID, Data Analytics, IoT and PKI together with their application to the Pharmaceutical industry.